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Responsible Abundance

Values: 1 Individual life, 2 Individual liberty - demanding responsible action from us all.

This is a start for a new political movement in NZ.

The basic idea is that automated technology can be used to meet the reasonable needs of every person on the planet, and work with the natural ecosystems of life that were present before we came along, and clean up all the messes we have made thus far.

Unfortunately, such an outcome cannot be achieved within a system that uses markets to measure value, as markets require scarcity to work, and our objective is to eliminate scarcity for everyone wherever that is physically possible. There is no shortage of materials to give everyone a nice home to their design, everyone reasonable transport (like a world trip every couple of years, if they want it), everyone with good healthcare and sanitation and food and clean water. And some few things are really scarce (like gold), but most of us don't really need much of it, so it is not a major issue.

In today's world, markets are much more than simply places of exchange, they are also part of systems that perform many levels of complex and essential functions including (but not limited to):
distributed coordination;
distributed governance;
distributed network creation and maintenance;
distributed risk mitigation;

We need to create and test alternatives to all of these, and that is possible.

This is about creating a world where every person feels secure and has all their reasonable needs met and has what they would consider reasonable degrees of liberty. This is a far from trivial exercise, and it is one that is entirely achievable with modern automated technology.

Games theory tells us that the easiest way to empower a new level of cooperation, is to have the threats from outside of the group be greater than the threats from those within the group. When the group under consideration is the entire population of humanity, one needs to think big.

We have a lot of threats to choose from, of which Global Climate Change is one of the lesser, but one that has public attention and acceptance, and is probably sufficient for the task. It is big enough to be real and obvious, but not so big as to immmediately send many people into anxiety attacks (like some of the others do).

Solutions to all these problems are possible, but only with global cooperation, which means global acceptance of, and respect for, diversity. Having a lot of external threats actually makes cooperation easier and more stable (even if most people don't want to know about them).

What does responsibility look like?

It means making choices that work for you, for your family, for your community, for the nation, for the world as a whole; that work for people, for the ecosystems, and for the physical processes present; that work today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade, in a hundred years time.

Nothing simple in any of that, it will require of us all that we make our best guesses, and fix up mistakes as they become obvious (because with anything this complex mistakes are going to be very common).

We are each amazingly complex, and we live in a very complex world. There is very little here that is simple. And having everyone making their best efforts, and making allowance for everyone else doing the same, seems to hold the promise of the best possible outcome.

This is not the sort of thing that can happen overnight, and with real effort it could happen in under 20 years. None of the alternatives seem likely to be very pretty at all in the longer term.

The Invitation!

Join the new NZ politial movement - RA (Responsible Abundance) - to make this happen. Send an email with your name and address, and you are a member (for free). Just joining helps. When we have 500 people registered, we can register as a political party.

For an annual $5 donation to RA (to make things happen faster) use the following button to help us:

Any enquiries email Ted Howard.

Thank you for your interest.

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